APS Nutrition Beta Alanine

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Suggested Dosage/Directions: To optimize strength and endurance and maximize muscle carnosine levels, consume 1 serving before and after your workout. On off days, consume one serving in the morning and again in the afternoon.


APS Nutrition Beta Alanine

  1. Clinically studies, high efficiency strength training supplement
  2. Increase Muscle Carnosine Levels: A critical Fatigue-control Factor
  3. Boosts Muscular Anaerobic Endurance and Aerobic Endurance
  4. Boost Explosive Muscular Strength and Muscle Mass


As an anabolic fuel Beta-Alanine provides the stimulus to increase anaerobic and aerobic endurance and delays in muscular fatigue, allowing you to push through every workout by providing the fuel to accererate maximal workout power. Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is used by muscle cells to synthesize Carnosine. Carnosine is a dipeptide (Beta-Alanine plus Histidine) that function as a buffer for the hydrogen ions produced during strenuous exercise, thus helping to maintain optimum muscular pH. APS uses CarnoSyn, a patented form of Beta-Alanine that has been clinically tested and shown to increase muscle Carnosine content, allowing muscle to work harder and longer during intense exercise. APS Beta-Alanine is back by scientific research demonstrating that CarnoSyn supplementation results in delayed muscle fatigue and rapid recovery time, thereby helping you attain your strength and endurance training goals.


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