Cobra Labs Shadow-X


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Suggested Dosage/Directions: Shake container before use. Mix 1 scoop with 7-10 oz (200-300ml) of cold water 15-30 minutes before exercise. Read warnings before use. Full strength formula. Do not exceed 1 serving (1 scoop) in any 24 hour period.

Cobra Labs Shadow-X

  1. One scoop formula
  2. No Creatine
  3. Mind Lock
  4. Mental Focus
  5. No proprietary blends

SHADOW-X is a full powered pre-workout designed for hardcore users only. Just 1 scoop of SHADOW-X will put you in a workout zone unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Mind lock mental focus, intense muscle pumps and savage training intensity.

Unlock the true power within you..

SHADOW-X will take you further than you’ve ever been before.

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