Platinum Labs Awaken


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Product Discontinued by Platinum Labs

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Suggested Dosage/Directions: Take 1 scoop with 8-12 ounces of water 20-30 minutes before your workout or training session. Awaken is a high stimnulant and focus pre workout product, therefore: you should not use awake if being treated for high blood pressure, thyroid, stroke, any heart related condition, any disorder related to the kidney or liver.


Platinum Labs Awaken

  1. High Stimulant Formula
  2. Illuminating Focus
  3. Activated Intense Alertness
  4. Clinically Engineered Matrix


Awaken is a high-stimulant & focus pre-workout designed specifically for those that need a huge surge of energy and power to demolish any workout. This unique product is packed full of stimulants and focus agents that will snap your mind and body to attention. Within minutes of taking Awaken, you will be mentally and physically dialed in like never before. Be warned; once the beast is awake, we can’t be held responsible for what comes next…

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Australian Summer, Raspberry Vanilla, Tropical Candy, Berry Blast, Blue Raspberry, Grape


30 Serves