Tribecca Health X50 Green Tea


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Suggested Dosage/Directions: Mix 1 satchet in 300ml of milk or water depending on your tastebuds. You can even mix it hot, cold or put it in your smoothies. Take one 3g satchet daily to maintain general wellbeing. Take 2 3g satchets to help promote thermogenesis. Best taken in the morning and at lunchtime.

Tribecca Health X50 Green Tea

  1. Only 9 calories
  2. Up to 20 cups of Green Tea Polyphenols in each serve
  3. Instant energy drink with antioxidants
  4. No preservatives or artificial colours
  5. Low sugar, low fat, aspartame free, low GI and Gluten free!
  6. Helps boost your metabolism

Green Tea X50

Green Tea X50 the original and still the best!  Green Tea X50 is a unique flavoured blend of green tea extract and resveratrol, packed in handy single serve sachets – so all you have to do is mix with 600 ml of super chilled water, shake and drink.  Get all of the health benefits of green tea and resveratrol in a great tasting drink.

Green Tea X50 is a great tasting drink that will help you increase your energy, improve physical performance and may assist meeting your body goals. Each contains antioxidants, polyphenols, catechins and EGCG.

Resveratrol is popular for its anti-aging properties. Green Tea is considered as one of the world’s best super foods.  All in a great tasting handy sachet and with lots of different flavours to choose from.

Energise – Revitalise – Metabolise

Key Features

Green Tea: Discovered over 4000 years ago and recognised as one of the world’s best super foods with health benefits.

Resveratrol: A super antioxidant popular for its anti-ageing properties.

Increase Energy: Green Tea X50 provides a nice subtle clean energy and helps improve physical performance.

Fat Burner: The green tea in Green Tea X50 may help promote thermogenesis.

Metabolic Booster: Green Tea may help stimulate your metabolism and burn calories through increased energy expenditure.

Naturally Sweetened: Delicious tasting, naturally sweetened, super Green Tea X50 energy drink. Containing only 6-10 calories per serve and no added sugar. Green Tea X50 only uses natural, plant based sweeteners such as Stevia and Xylitol.

Who is it for? Green Tea X50 is for anybody and everybody wanting a quick pick me up with health benefits.

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