An Overview of Protein Supplements

An Overview of Protein Supplements

For years, protein supplements have been the most popular dietary supplements among athletes, adults who are recreationally active, and soldiers who are keen on increasing muscle mass, improve performance, and enhance exercise recovery. Consuming protein supplements ensures that your body is able to meet the additional demands that come with being physically active. This means that your body will always have sufficient levels of amino acids (AAs) during and after exercises, which promotes muscle building and quick recovery.

Through the process of digestion, protein is broken down by dietary enzymes called proteases. The quicker the proteins are broken down, the faster they are converted into amino acids. In turn, amino acids can hasten the process of repairing muscle tissue, and promoter quick and natural muscle growth. Taking a protein supplement before intense training ensures that you have enough amino acids to be used by the muscles that need repair after a strength workout. This improves performance significantly and helps your body to build new muscle fibers quickly to increase body mass.

The most superior protein supplements are whey-based, but for people who are lactose intolerant, there are many other alternatives to choose from in order to fit your lifestyle and budget. It is important to note that protein supplements should not replace whole foods as sources of protein. This is because protein supplements do not contain other natural nutrients i.e. vitamins and minerals that are readily available in whole foods and equally beneficial for your health. It is therefore advisable to consume protein supplements alongside a healthy and balanced diet for better results.

Always remember that taking protein supplements in unnaturally high doses can lead to lasting liver damage. As such, you should strictly follow the instructions from the supplement provider and consume the right amount. In case of any confusion, please consult with a nutritionist who can help you pick the right diet and supplements for all your body goals.

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