Three reasons you need to use BCAAs

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Three reasons you need to use BCAAs

1. BCCAs and the Immune System

With BCAA’s you’ll have increased immune system support. Every time you go in to the gym and lift, you are placing an enormous amount of stress on your body. If your body is not able to tolerate this stress level, you’ll need an extra boost to push through and develop muscle and decrease your likelihood of illness.

2. Protection Against Amino Acid Deficiencies

A big benefit from BCAAs is that you will not experience deficiencies in overall amino acids. Many of those who are on highly restricted diets, such as those prepping for contests or adopting a vegetarian way of eating, will run the risk of not taking in the essential amino acids, so this supplement can help make up for that.

3. Prevention of Lean Muscle Mass Loss

If you are forced to experience a break in your training you run the risk of losing lean muscle-mass. Don’t let an injury keep you from reaching your goals and full potential. Receive the added boost of branched-chain amino acids to speed up the rate of recovery in the body, as well as maintaining nitrogen balance.

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